Retire the filing cabinet

Want faster, safer access to statements and records for all your U.S. Bank accounts? Switch to paperless documents – delivered free, right to your account in online and mobile banking. It’s the easy way to reduce clutter and simplify your financial recordkeeping.

What paperless documents are available?

  • E-statements for all accounts.
  • Electronic tax documents, performance reports and trade confirmations for select accounts.

Why go paperless?

  • Receive documents 2-3 days sooner than if delivered by mail.
  • Reduce your risk of mail fraud and identity theft.
  • View, print and save up to seven years of statements.
  • See detailed images of sent and deposited checks.

Never miss a thing

When you enroll for paperless documents, you are automatically signed up to receive the e-Statement Available alert to your email address. We want to ensure you have the information as soon as possible so you can manage your finances on your time. You’ll love the convenience and security – especially at tax time.

For your credit accounts, you can set up Payment Due alerts to remind you when payments are due, so you’ll never miss a payment.

It’s easy to sign up

Go paperless for all your U.S. Bank accounts, or just the ones you choose. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to online banking.
  2. Under the My Accounts tab, select My Documents, then choose Paperless Preferences.
  3. Select the accounts and documents you want to receive electronically.
  4. Save your selections.

Or, just check the box marked Go paperless for all eligible accounts to receive all available statements and documents electronically.

Log in and sign up