A Look at the U.S. Stock Market History

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Markets and investing


Weekly market update | 01.16.19
Softer (but still positive) global growth provided meaningful difficulties for riskier investments such as stocks and low quality bonds in 2018. Looking into 2019, some headwinds for investors should ease.

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2019 investment outlook: A more balanced view forward
As we look ahead to 2019, prospects for the coming year look a bit less clear than has been the case in recent years.

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U.S. stock market history: A look at drawdowns and the economy
The overall capital market landscape remains turbulent, with major domestic and international indices marking new lows for 2018.

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Financial life


Taxes in retirement

Don’t overlook the impact of taxes as you plot out your retirement income strategy.

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How to pay for college

With the significant cost associated with higher education, you need to take advantage of opportunities to save in advance.

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Tax deductions on charitable donations

There are many ways to “share the wealth,” but careful planning can make a difference.

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Women and wealth


Valuable financial advice for women

U.S. Bank is actively increasing its focus on providing financial advice to women interested investing. We are listening to female investors, providing personalized offerings and working to help women achieve their goals.

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Teaching kids about money

Three ways you can help your children feel empowered to manage their money.

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Women, wealth and retirement: The financial landscape

It’s important for women to have a clear understanding of the challenges ahead as they plan for retirement.

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